Investigators welcome

Hi 👋 We’re glad you dropped by the LZ workshop. We’re excited to show you a little bit about how the AWS Landing Zone builds secure foundations following AWS best practices out of the box and allows you to layer in additional guardrails to comply with relevant industry frameworks or your own desired security posture.

So what are we doing here …

First you’ll get aquainted with everything the Landing Zone has to offer including deployments, Add-Ons and Guardrails. This workshop is oriented around scenarios that any security practicioner operating in AWS should be well aquainted with. We’ll show you how to monitor the security of your accounts and identify what kind of corrective actions are appropriate.

This workshop will show you:

  • Security best practices for multi-account deployments.
  • AWS tooling to help keep your inline with your desired baseline.
  • Where to find the security telemetry to contiuously monitor the compliance of your AWS environments.
  • Ideas for how to use guardrails to allow innovation without manual security gates

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